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Official Nuxt.js Support and Consulting

by Nuxt.js

Get expert help on Nuxt.js straight from our team. Purchase hours with our team for dedicated technical support, advice on best practices, app deployments, and development services.

Technical Support
Dedicated support from the team that brought you Nuxt.js: we can help you with configuration and implementation guidance, architectural design, establishing use cases, troubleshooting, and more.

Best Practices
Have the us perform code reviews and audits to ensure your software's quality, performance, and security.

App Deployments
We can depoloy your Nuxt.js app with a scalable, high performace, and inexpensive architecture. We can work with your team to work out the best architecture for your needs.

Development Services
Our team can work with you to create a new library module, migrate over an existing app, or deliver an entire new project.

Use purchased hours to seamlessly collaborate with Nuxt.js via messaging, video-chat meetings, and shared code repositories.
Unused hours can be refunded, no questions asked. If you are unhappy with how your time is spent, you can get a complete refund of either your payment or hours.

Contracts and agreements are formed directly with Nuxt.js. You can upload custom documents for the team to sign before starting work.

Projects by Nuxt.js


The Vue.js Framework

JavaScript 18.5k


🐨 Elegant Console Logger for Node.js and Browser

JavaScript 2.4k


Elegant ProgressBar and Profiler for Webpack 3 and 4

JavaScript 1.3k


Manage page meta info in Vue 2.0 components. SSR + Streaming supported.

JavaScript 2.3k


Create Nuxt.js App in seconds.

JavaScript 1.3k


🔑 Authentication module for Nuxt.js

JavaScript 503

Client Reviews

Dylan March 4, 2019

I feel incredibly fortunate to have gotten to know and work with the Nuxt maintainers these past couple months. I’ve gotten help designing and implementing Otechie’s architecture (using universal apps powered by AWS Lambda), improving code quality/structure, and troubleshooting issues I was having with the auth module. Responses have always been quick, helpful, and understanding.

Beyond specific help, Working with the Nuxt team has inspired me to dig deeper into understanding the tools I use and has made me feel more confident taking on greater technical challenges, knowing I have a place to go if I get stuck. Otechie could not exist without help from the Nuxt maintainers and I recommend them as highly as possible for any team using Nuxt.

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