Chat Widget

Otechie makes a contact widget that can be installed on your website to help convert your visitors into paying clients. From the widget, prospective clients can choose to start the conversation using Otechie or integrate Otechie to their Slack workspace. You can find the code with your team id pre-filled and change the color to match your sites them at or by going to Settings > Chat Widget


Otechie('init', { settings })

If you'd like to control when Otechie is loaded, you can use the 'init' method. You can call this method with your account's id.

Otechie('init', { account: 'ACCOUNT_ID' });


This will hide the chat bubble and close the start conversation panel if it is open.



This will show the chat bubble if it is hidden.



This will close the start conversation panel if it is open. It will not hide the chat bubble.



This will open the start conversation panel if it is closed.


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