January 11th, 2021

  • Change /username page and widget to a contact form
  • Add ability to change the currency for a conversation

December 30th, 2020

  • Enable adding invoice items before Stripe account is attached
  • Stripe customers and invoice items are now created when the invoice is sent on Otechie
  • Allow disabling of email notifications
  • Add new conversation button, enabling consultants to start outbound conversations
  • Add ability to mark invoice as paid, void, or uncollectible

December 21th, 2020

December 7th, 2020

This was a massive update and we hope to release much more often then this in the future. The biggest change is that a credit card is no longer required upfront and invoices are no longer automatically charged (consultants now finalized and send an invoice to be paid).

  • A credit card no longer required upfront to start conversations
  • Add ability to create, edit, delete invoice items instead of only logging minutes
  • Invoice improvements including vatIds, invoice pdfs, and payment links
  • UI improvements including the conversations sidebar and chat details
  • Added ability to edit and delete messages
  • Added ability to mute conversations
  • Added ability to assign conversations
  • Make hourly rate editable per conversation
  • Replaced /charge slash command with /invoice
  • Added slash commands for adding item by amount, inviting participants, changing the hourly rate, and assigning the conversation
  • Renamed internal invoices to internal balances and transactions

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