Slack Integration

Clients can connect their Slack accounts to Otechie and chat with consultants in a dedicated channel on their workspace. The Slack integration is bi-directional and all conversation events, including invoices, will carry through to Slack so the client can have the full interaction with the consultant in a context they are familiar with and already using, while the consultant can keep all of their client interactions in one context as well.

Chat Widget

When a client opens the widget on a consultant's profile page or site they can choose to either "Chat with Slack" or use the default Otechie chat. If they choose "Chat with Slack", Otechie will create a channel in their chosen Slack workspace where they will be able to message you from.


Internal Integration

If a client has started a conversation through the widget where they did not register with Slack or purchased a service, they can still connect their Otechie account to Slack and continue their interaction there. To do this, go to Settings > Integrations and click on the Slack option. After integrating, when clients start a new conversation or checkout a service, channels for these conversations will be automatically created in the client's Slack workspace. If an account has conversations where they are a consultant and conversations where they are a client, only the the client conversations will be created in Slack.


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