Consultants on Otechie can have one or more services that they offer prospective clients. A checkout screen to review and confirm selection of these services can be linked to directly or they can be accessed from your profile page. Services are specific actions, deliverables or value that consultants offer to prospective clients. Services can have upfront fees and ongoing rates associated with them that are shown at checkout. Once a client completes checkout for a service, they will be redirected to a conversation with you.

Creating Services

Services can be created by going to Settings > Profile Page > Add Service. Every service has a name, url, description and optionally an upfront hold, displayed ongoing rate, or meeting with a location url (video conferencing links usually) and duration. If your service has an upfront hold, clients will have to enter a credit card during checkout and a hold will be placed on their card before the conversation begins. Ongoing rates are just for display purposes. You can edit and delete services by going to Settings > Profile Page and clicking on the three dots on the service card you wish to modify.

Services Involving Meetings

When checking out a service that involves meetings, clients will need to select a time to meet based off of your account's users' availability before putting in any other information. After selecting a time the client will complete the rest of the checkout process and be brought to a conversation screen similar to checking out all other services. Both the client and the consultant user will receive an email with the meeting's ics so they can easily add it to their schedule.

Services and Ongoing Relationships

After the initial service is completed, the client can purchase more services or continue the relationship in a more free form manner. You can continue to use Otechie to facilitate communication and use its invoicing feature to bill this work as you see fit.

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