Otechie offers scheduling functionality during the service checkout process. This allows consultants to offer services that include or are encompassed by synchronous work and seamlessly fit those meetings into their busy schedule.


You can set your availability in Settings > Personal Settings > Availability. Your availability can be made up of one or more repeating time blocks. Otechie interprets an individual's overlapping time blocks as the union of all of their available time. When clients checkout a service that involves a meeting, the meeting times presented to them will be based off of your availability, other scheduled meetings and the duration of the meeting being scheduled. When a client selects a meeting time that has multiple users available in your account, one of the users will be randomly selected as a participant. If all users are scheduled during a time, that time will no longer appear to clients. Additionally, Otechie gives a 30 minute availability buffer around meetings so you cannot get booked back to back.

Managing Meetings

The meetings associated with a conversation can be found in Conversation Details > Meetings. Clicking on a meeting will open up a modal that allows you to view the meeting's attendees, time, location url, and duration. From this modal you can also download the ics file of the meeting and cancel the meeting. When a meeting is scheduled with a consultant user, that user is automatically assigned to the conversation.

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