Your Profile Page

Consultant accounts have a profile page they can use to display the services they offer and to onboard clients. Many conversations on Otechie are started when a client selects a service to checkout through the consultant's profile page or goes directly to an individual service's checkout page. Profile pages can be customized to make them more attractive, give more information about your consultant account and to help brand your account.

Setting Up Your Profile Page

Your profile page lists your account's name, services offered, a blurb describing your consultancy, a profile picture, a background image and if you have more than one member in the account it wil show all of your pictures. When you create your account you will be prompted to input your account name, set your profile page url, currency and optionally a blurb about your account. You can edit these fields as well as the other ones mentioned by going to Settings > Profile Page > Edit Profile. You can also add a service that will be displayed on your profile page by pressing Add Service.

Profile Page Activation Status

You can change your profile page activation status by going to Profile Page > Activate Page and toggling the switch there. While your Profile Page is inactive, visitors will receive a 404 if they attempt to visit your Profile Page url or service pages. You may still continue to use the rest of Otechie's functionality while your profile page is inactive.

Linking To Your Profile Page

You likely want to link to your profile page or individual services from your site, social media bio, or project documentation with some explanation that the link is for consulting. This allows you to turn web traffic into prospective clients. If you would like to use a readme badge to link to your profile page go to Settings > Readme Badge and copy the applicable code.

Need help?

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