Onboarding Clients

You can start conversations with clients either by clicking the New Conversation button, or by clients messaging you from your contact page or the contact widget embedded on your website.

New Conversation Button

The New Conversation button will send an email to the email address you put into the form that pops up with the subject, message and signature that you fill out. Prospective clients can then respond to or follow a link in the email to use Otechie's chat features and their responses will show up in the conversation.

Your Contact Page

Clients can start a conversation with your account from otechie.com/<account's-username>, where they will find a form to fill out the subject and message they mean to send. If they do not have an account, they will also input their email and name so an account can be made for them.

Readme Badges

You can add a badge to your readmes that show your default hourly rate and direct potential clients to your contact page.
You can copy the code for your your badge here: https://app.otechie.com/c#badge

Contact Widget

Otechie makes a contact widget that can be installed on your website to help convert your visitors into paying clients. You can find the code with your account id pre-filled at https://app.otechie.com/c#widget

Inbound Email

Each account has an email address that clients can email to initiate a conversation on Otechie. More information can be found in the Emails section of the docs.

Need help?

Do you have any questions that are not answered here? Let us know. We are here to help you.