Onboarding Clients

You can start conversations with clients either by clicking the "New Conversation Button" or if clients message you from your link or from the chat widget embedded on your website.

Your Link

Clients can start a conversation with your team from otechie.com/your-username. To start a conversation, they send a messages and then complete the popup with their email, name, company, and VAT ID if needed.

Readme Badges

You can add a badge to your readmes that show your default hourly rate and direct potential clients to your link.
You can copy the code for your your badge here: https://otechie.com/c#badge

Embeddable Widget

Otechie makes a live chat widget that can be installed on your website to help convert you visitors into paying clients. You can find the code with your username pre-filled at https://otechie.com/c#widget

Otechie('init', settings })

If you'd like to control when Otechie is loaded, you can use the 'init' method. You call this method with the your team's username.

Otechie('init', { username: 'YOUR_USERNAME' });


This will hide the chat bubble and close the conversation panel if it is open.



This will show the chat bubble if it is hidden.



This will close the conversation panel if it is open. It will not hide the chat bubble.



This will open the conversation panel if it is closed.


Need help?

Do you have any questions that are not answered here? Let us know. We are here to help you.