Most of your time using Otechie will be spent messaging clients. Otechie includes a full featured messenger with mobile apps, file uploads, markdown support, email replies, slash commands, a slack integration and more.

Conversation Events

Conversation events let everyone know when something happened and show up inline with your messages. There are conversation events for invoice items being created, edited, or deleted, services being completed, invoices being sent, invoices being paid, conversations being assigned and conversations being closed.

Slash Commands

Otechie includes slash commands to give shortcuts to actions you can perform on the conversation.


Messaging on Otechie supports markdown syntax: including headers, quotes, code blocks and more. Check out the markdown guide for more information

File Uploading

You can send files to a conversation by drag and dropping, copy pasting, or clicking the upload file button on the left of the message input bar.

Email Replies

When you receive a message and are not online you will receive an email. You can reply directly to this email to respond on Otechie.

Need help?

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