Once you are in a conversation with a client and have connected your Stripe account you can start invoicing.

Adding Items

Open the chat details sidebar and click add item to add an item. The currency will be the currency of your team's default hourly rate. Once you add an item you can edit, or delete it from the invoice items options dropdown. Adding, editing, and deleting invoice items will be sent as conversation events. The member who creates an item will be associated with it for calculating internal balances.
You can also use the /add [amount] [description] slash command to add items.

Logging Time

Logging time creates an invoice item based off a number of minutes and the conversation's hourly rate. You can also use the /log [minutes] to log time or click the arrow next to "Add Item" in the sidebar. Initially the conversation's hourly rate will be set to your team's default rate, you can adjust the hourly rate for a conversation in the conversation details sidebar.

Tax Ids

Your clients are prompted to set their Vat Id when they start a conversation with your team. They can later edit this under Settings > Team Profile. When you send invoices the client's Vat Id will appear on the invoices.

Sending Invoices

Click the blue "Invoice Now" button or use the /invoice slash command to finalize and send and invoice. A modal confirming the invoice will pop up like below:

Paying Invoices

When an invoice is sent, it will send an email and conversation event with a link to pay the invoice. WIth this link your clients will be able to pay with a credit card or bank transfer depending on the invoice amount and your location.

Stripe Integration

To invoice on Otechie you must attach a Stripe account to your team. Otechie will add customers to your Stripe account for each conversation on Otechie.

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