If the recipient of messages sent on Otechie is not online and they have email notifications enabled they will be sent an email containing the content of the message and who sent it. Outbound messages sent through the new conversation button will send emails to the recipient listed. Lastly, emails sent to a specific email address for each account will initiate a new conversation.

Your Account's Email Address

You can configure Otechie to send and receive emails from an email address on a custom domain. If you do not set a custom email address emails will be sent and received at <account's-username>

Registering a Custom Domain

You can register a custom domain by going to the custom domains sections in the settings and adding the DNS records listed there on your domain. Adding a domain that you are already receiving emails on will cause problems, please choose at least a new subdomain. Once you have added the records, press add custom domain; the entries that have been added correctly will now have a check mark next to them. If all of the entries were added correctly your custom domain will be registered to your account's account. Now you may edit the Inbound and Outbound email address field to an email address on that domain and this will become your account's new email address.

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