Internal Balances

Internal balances help you keep track of how much each teammate is owed. This is helpful for when members of your account are sub-contractors of your business and will be paid based on how much work they do.

Automatic Transactions

A transaction incrementing a member's balance is created automatically when an invoice which they have added an item to is paid or when a member marks a service with an upfront fee complete. The consultant who marks the service complete receives the transaction balance associated with the service's invoice. The amount is calculated by the net amount of the invoice (the total amount minus Stripe and Otechie's fees) multiplied by one minus the account's commission. An internal balance will be created for a teammate once their first invoice item is paid for. Changing your account's currency will create a new Internal Balance in that currency.


The account owner can set the percentage to withhold when automatic transactions are created under Settings > Internal Balances.

Payout Transactions

Currently payouts to teammates need to be handled outside of Otechie. But you can keep the member's balance up to date by creating payout transactions.

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