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Turn your open source project into a profitable consulting business.

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Vue.js Material Design Component Framework

How It Works

Consult as a team

Create a consultancy with your project's core contributors. Lead maintainers can take a commission to enable them to focus directly on their project.

Request Threads

Help clients asynchronously through familiar threads. Easily record and bill clients for the time you spend helping them.

Financial Simplicity

Otechie makes it easy for businesses to pay you, handles international payouts, and helps out with tax reporting.


What is the pricing?

Otechie takes a 5% platform fee in addition to payment processing fees. You will never pay anything unless you are earning money.

Who is Otechie meant for?

Otechie is designed to enable popular open source projects to support themselves through consulting.

Where is Otechie available?

Anyone who can receive payouts via Stripe, PayPal, or Payoneer is eligible for a consultant account.

How are rates set?

The consultancy's creator sets the hourly rate and admin commission for each consultancy.

Other questions?

Let us know at