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What is Otechie?

Otechie is a technical consulting platform that makes it easy to monetize open source projects. Otechie's goal is to enable independent full-time work on open source infrastructure by helping maintainers earn substantial and consistent revenue.

How it Works

Monthly Recurring Retainers

Keep your revenue consistent and your clients high quality with recurring upfront minimum retainers.

Seamless Hourly Billing

Record and bill for time directly in your email responses. At the end of the month, time is added up, charged to your clients, and paid out to your account.

Email Filtering

Only receive emails from your paying clients. Your address will forward emails from your clients and prompt others to subscribe to your retainer.

Instant Setup

Create your page with Github and start getting paid to help your users right away.

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That looks like it was caused by an issue with your version of Yarn. Run "npm upgrade --global yarn" and you should be all set.


/log 0:20

Bill for time in emails with /log h:mm

Common Questions

Where is this available?

Otechie is available in any country where you can receive payouts via Stripe.

How can I receive payouts?

Currently all transactions are in US Dollars. Payouts are sent to your Stripe account . You can wait until you have a balance to attach a payout account.

What should my rates be?

Your hourly rate should be at least 2-3x your full-time equivalent. Your retainer should be at least your rate for one hour.

What is the pricing?

Otechie has a 5% platform fee . This is in addition to an average of 5% payment processing fees. You will never pay anything unless you are earning money.

Why use monthly retainers?

  • Reoccurring subscriptions keep your clients and revenue consistent.
  • A minimum upfront cost helps filter out undesirable clients.

Why use an email relay?

The email relay allows you to use slash commands to bill for time easily and filters out non-paying clients.

You will still have complete access to your clients' email addresses.

Other questions?

Let us know at